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Salutations all Kagura "Fans", Luu Sky Sapphire here! I'm back from Otakon 2013...where there weren't that many Inuyasha cosplayers this year, sadly. Maybe a few Sango and Inuyasha himself. XD No Kagura sightings unfortunately, though I will have some shots of my loose Kagura figure enjoying herself in Baltimore. :)

To find out how to enter my 100 Kagura Challenge, you may read below.
The list has been updated with all completed artworks for Kagura, including names/links of each talented artist.
We have a long way to go, but it will be completed one day.

~Long live the Queen of the Wind! For she IS The Wind~


Hello my fellow "Fans"! Luu here with an idea that I thought would suit our beloved Wind Sorceress better than a monthly contest.
I'm already doing monthly contests for Mai-HiME fandom, so for our circle, I'd like to issue a 100 Challenge for Kagura and general Inuyasha fandom
(though it must always feature Kagura).

Basically the 100 Challenge will feature a list (as seen below) of one hundred themes you can use for Kagura.
Pick a theme for our beautiful demon and unleash your creative talents!

YOU CAN ONLY PICK ONE! The goal is to get 100 DIFFERENT artists to participate. If you cannot draw, a commission by another artist may count as an entry!

As a bonus, I will include Five Easter Eggs prizes! Whoever gets and completes the lucky number, will receive an official Kagura related prize!

Remember! Please always label the NUMBER and TITLE of your entry, with a link to Kagura-Sanctuary, so more Fans can participate too!

Even after all these years, there's not enough Kagura fanart in existence and that doesn't sit right with me. :)
I'd like to practically rain the entire Inuyasha fandom with Kagura because she is the greatest to me and a favorite with fans around the world.
Please help me pay tribute to this beautiful woman that Rumiko Takahashi brought to life.

The List for Kagura-sama:

001. Introduction
002. Love
003. Light  - Kenkaya
004. Dark - LadyChibiRuki
005. Seeking Solace
006. Break Away
007. Heaven -  KagomeKisaragi7
008. Innocence
009. Drive
010. Breathe Again
011. Memory
012. Insanity - Abracadabra13107
013. Misfortune
014. Smile - Cristal1994 >>… <<
015. Silence
016. Questioning
017. Blood
018. Rainbow
019. Gray - an-chan123
020. Fortitude
021. Vacation
022. Destruction
023. Cat
024. No Time
025. Trouble Lurking
026. Tears - littlesugarcat
027. Geisha - SamiRawwr
028. Sorrow
029. Happiness
030. Under the Rain - my-user-name-is-cool
031. Flowers - garche4291
032. Night - chibichantsukino
033. Expectations
034. Stars
035. Hold My Hand - Miley1418 >>… <<
036. Precious Treasure - lilvici
037. Eyes
038. Abandoned
039. Dreams - ZonamiChan >>… <<
040. Seductress DeathoftheUndying
041. Barefoot
042. Standing Still
043. Dying - Invisible-Agony
044. Art of the fan - MuninniguH >>… <<
045. Illusion
046. Family - tiffanYuhan >>… <<
047. Creation
048. Childhood - Inokyuubi
049. Stripes
050. Breaking the Rules
051. Sport
052. Deep in Thought
053. Keeping a Secret
054. Tower
055. Waiting
056. Danger Ahead
057. Sacrifice
058. Kick in the Head
059. No Way Out
060. Rejection
061. Fairy Tale - AerithBoleynFelix
062. Magic
063. Do Not Disturb
064. Multitasking
065. Horror
066. Traps
067. Playing the Melody
068. Hero
069. Annoyance
070. Freedom - Sukii36512 >> <<
071. Obsession
072. Sex
073. I Can't
074. Are You Challenging Me?
075. Mirror
076. Broken Pieces
077. Self pleasure - sentinel28a
078. Drink
079. Massage
080. Words
081. Flight
082. Can You Hear Me?
083. Heal
084. Out Cold
085. Spiral
086. Seeing Red
087. Food -
088. Pain
089. Through the Fire - InterplanetJanetgal
090. Triangle
091. Drowning
092. All That I Have
093. Give Up
094. Last Hope
095. Advertisement - flygandeusopp >>… <<
096. In the Storm
097. Safety First
098. Puzzle
099. Solitude
100. Relaxation
101. Free as the Wind -  Midorikawa-Asuka >>… <<


Lay claim to one of the 100 themes by commenting below! There is no deadline for the 100 Kagura Challenge! :) Any questions? Feel free to fire away!

Fujin no Mai!!!

~ Luu Sky Sapphire/ShizNat4EVER

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YO! ^_~

Welcome to my Kagura fangroup! Dedicated to Kagura, The Wind Sorceress from the anime/manga series: Inuyasha. My name is Luu and I'm a long time Kagura admirer. Ever since her anime debut several years ago, I've fallen deeply in love with the character. Her story is one of deception, redemption and liberation. Nobody from Inuyasha is more three-dimensional than her,, imo.

This is my group dedicated to Kagura-sama, hope you will contribute to keep her awesomeness alive for all time.

She is the Wind. Let Her carry you~



Favorites Collection of the beautiful Kagura The Wind Sorceress!





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thanks for added my pics :D
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Thanks for add my cosplay to your gallery! I really appreciate it.
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P.D. Sesshomaru I love you ♥ XD
You're very welcome! All your cosplay photos are amazing to look at! You really captured Kagura's beauty and psychical presence. :) Thank you for joining and contributing to my group!

Haha, you can have Sesshomaru. I'll keep Kagura-sama. ;)
got a new kagura drawing fell free to add :)
Done! You know I can't resist her, dude. :)
My bad.
Anime-luver4life Aug 5, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks for requesting my artwork! ^^
You're very welcome!
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